Word Art 

I is ego for Latin or the other way around We born purer than we make our exit / what we accumulate is sometime a choice made when they raise the stakes 

I came up unaware of my parents struggle /accustomed to the constructs of what crackers chose for me but our voice was muffled 

There’s nothing greater 

Nothing sweeter, than that victory,

Of self in one of the most monumental tussle which isn’t most about muscle 

So I followed the leader who in return led me back to where I started, the origin of all things 

Self isn’t equal to the I 

It is much greater, it complements the data in alphabeta, and preceded Mars’ crater 

I’m not saying I’m better 

But non of what you’ve said been worth the ink stain in the letter 
If I is the ego 

Is self sacrifice the sacred ingredient that 

make you a hero 

Greedy men filled with hatred 

Still deny us and see them 

Don’t ever trade I for freedom 

It’s the poor people that feed them