Errm. Prentious can’t 

Kundalini ngumbilini credo Mutwa pointed out 
I had 5 gigabytes of Occult literature in my hard drive 

But it was a Zulu shaman who made it all seem like unneseccesary complications of the supernatural simplistic 

Then MF Doom proved him right 

The highest science married function and form minimalistic 

I never finished Steve Biko’s serminal work at one go 

and I’ve never owned Tshirt with his face or Che Guevara 

Everything I wore was a hand me down from my richer cousins 

I’m lying 

I actually preferred plain clothes to escape stereotypes/ I missed a lot of busses due to my allergy for the hype 

anything endorsed by a majority automatically became suspect to me as if great art can never have mass appeal

Too much of a purist 

It’s inconceivable to me how a lifestyle can exist incongruent with the rhetoric you cherish 

Room for everyone when we building a civilization 

Mystics, healers, soldiers, hunters, farmers and artisans 

Preachers, Teachers and others 

An evolved mind can master 360 degrees but for now one or two will do to navigate from my bed to work everyday 

There’s only one number and every other is a variation of itself refracted by zero 

It’s annoying how you loose the attention you try to pay the self-styled sage in exchange for his wise nuggets

I keep them as friends but unfollow their posts on Facebook because their reactionary consciousness doesn’t exist in the absence dogmatic delusions of grandeur

They say blacks suffer from self hate because they loved whites too much it hurt them

I laugh at shit like that because I never met a black person that knows themselves enough to hate  
Insert deejay scratches and cuts


Insert breaks and cuts by the deejay, here 
All mystical secret society rites of passage have rituals of access which require great sacrifice from prospect initiates

You can’t even sacrifice a habit you picked up in high school because you thought it made you cool 

Don’t tell me your hair makes you more Afrikan, your beared makes you more of a man

It’s on the other side of that barbaric thought you’ll finally be awake 

I promise you testing me is a mistake you’ll gravely regret to ever make, bring your best evidence to a forum I’ll break your decorum with a seraphim’ feather in debate 

As a teen I often found myself lost in a monastery practicing laughing therapy with ascended masters 

The cost of trading virtues for monetary value is the lowest form of prostitution 

A hooker bought me a drink once in Durban as she schooled me on the principles of self deceit in the name of upholding societal expectations,

She said nobody’s going to feed your children when you’re dead 

Forget your ideals once you have someone depending on you unless you can help it, I’ve been going to titty bars since trying to find her 


This I why I have no patience for conversation about Atlantis and lost scrolls of dead Egyptians when you can’t connect that to how you going to raise the dead today 

Another premise for argument that is faulty is the almighty Christian deity,


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