Parenting: Home wall Chalkboard to avoid beating kids over doodles 

Kids will be kids right? They’re wired to learn about the world through imitation, adopting, invention or exploring every surface using their senses depending on age. One study finds that all kids are born creative geniuses by virtue of being human beings, it is our parenting which either reinforces or kills that creative spark. I don’t suppose you still subscribe to the unimagiative stereotypical thinking that creativity is limited to artistic talents. The World Economic Forum has an article about skills they predict will be critical for humans to thrive in any career field  we pursue from 2020 going onwards. One of them is Creative Literacy which consists of Creative Problem Solving. 

There a many ways to enhance or harness you child’s natural creativity. From simple things like encouraging dancing(no too much like we darkies do), being creative around them to allowing some guided freedom to express themselves without fear of being beaten to a pulp. This isn’t funny because I’ve seen people blacksam  their toddlers for the most amazing reasons. Like, yo!

The Home wall Chalkboard 

“We don’t stop playing because we’re old, we get old because we stop playing.”  Regardless of your age there’s always some use for a chalkboard wall; from weekly diet plans, to-do lists to mind-maps we can all use a cool black wall in the house. The best part about home chalkboards is that you can Do-It-Yourself in three to four simple steps. 

Instead of being punitive and curative(waiting for sh*t to happen then coming up with a solution)  you can prevent fighting with your kids over the preservation of a boring peach walls by creating a space everyone can benefit from. That’s if you’re fortunate enough to own the house or don’t mind repainting when you leave your rented shelter. I know most black mellenials and young parents aren’t at that home owner level yet, but best believe #WeAreComingForEverything. 


Simply google how to create a home chalkboard wall, a couple of DIY sites will come up.  They’ll have all the resources & instructions you need. What’s cool is that chalkboard paint already exists and most hardwares stock them, plus there’s all types of chalkboard ideas on the interweb. Go ahead and get started.  Good luck.     



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