F#ck School?

The 11 of Janurary of 2017, it’s the first school year after the country witnessed a serious series of protests for free tertiary education and a review of a curriculum many non-white learners believe to be more aligned with the colonial agenda and objectives than assisting African students realize their true potential and play leadership roles in communities instead of being glorified subjects of the oligarchy. I hope that makes sense.  

In Limpopo thousands of kids had to start their academic experience or new classes from mobile schools today,  not because the government was busy upgrading existing facilities or a pending construction of a new school was taking longer than expected due to some tendering issues.  

The reason some learners didn’t have proper schools to start their 2017 academic year in Limpopo was because #FeesMustFall protesters had to go the extent of damaging property to get someone to notice how serious this struggle for free education is.  

It didn’t need to get to that. If the government had listened, if  private industry had participated in this struggle at an earlier time and made some false promises about tuition tax and stuff like that maybe they’d be less damage caused on property. If public property housing those demoralized, bloated and crass officials on an unearned salary was actually useful to the community they’d have be nothing to worry about.  

No body listens to the youth. We all think “the youth thinks they know, the youth is lost, kids of today have no morals” etc  but no body ever think they also were kids and ended up damaging something in their lives due to lack of channels that foster self expression. 

All revolutions and notable change in all of history is led by youth, Sankara, Jesus, Buddah, Muhammad, Biko, Nonqawuza, Farrakhan (peace be upon them) were all in their youth when they began journeys that changed all our lives today. 

75% of South African youth is unemployed, including me as I write this blog. Almost 60%  of our population is youth, people under the age of 35 years. This either is a recipe for complete anarchy or real economic disruptions which will benefit future generations, I don’t know but right now feel I would gladly sign up for Coup De Tat led by anyone young, black, sober and righteous. 


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