Light travels at the rate of 186 000 miles per second. The earth is 93 million miles from the Sun. How long does it take for the light of the sun to reach the earth? The answer is 8 minutes and 20 seconds. The Earth travels at the speed of 1037 1/3 miles per hour. This is the same rate of speed enjoyed by other planets like Plato which is 4 billion 4 hundred million away from the Sun, she also rotates at the same speed as mother Earth and Mercury which is 36 million miles from the sun.

I am painting you a portrait, you see, all celestial bodies have a degree of influence on each other.  One that has a considerable impact on all others must be non other than the main source of life-giving light. The boss of the skies.  Ilanga. 

It’s interesting how it doesn’t matter how far Plato is nor how near the Earth is, once they are touched by the light of life they all get moving at the same speed. It obviously takes differing periods of time for the light to travel from Sun to each planet in it’s Solar system. I wonder if this phenomenon translates to human beings and our relationship with the light of truth, the light of who we truly are, the light of what time it is and the light of what must be done. I believe it might be possible that what happens in the physics dimension is replicated in the metaphysical. The eastern religions have a couple principles like that, from Taosm to iChing. The wisdom of a universally harmonious life hinges on establishing balance between what is above and what is below. The moral, spiritual, mental are deemed as “above”  and obviously our appetites and carnal drives fall under the “below” category.  So if we accept this logic it is safe to say that what is in the sky and interplanetary space has some symbolic relationship with what is on the earth. This might not be too far-fetched for those who’ve followed the astrology column in the papers. So follow me steady abit..

All I am saying is that when you accept the light, embrace it, submit to it and be guided by it you start living a productive life that can be said to be equal to the greatest of in history and you’re equal to all of creation which is also walking in rhythm to the true light of their being. The ant and elephant are equal, the ant isn’t less of an elephant but it is fully an ant and the elephant can’t be an ant. In the light of this reality we must appreciate that true equality means that we are all true to who we really are and are  acting in accord to the dictates of the light of our essence. This is an ongoing subject, only through more study can I qualify myself to delve into it some more…stay tuned.